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You Should Do These 3 Things On Twitter for Your Church

I’m always looking for folks who do a good job of utilizing digital tools to do kingdom work.

Jonathan Parnell, who didn't ask to be singled out this way at all.

Jonathan Parnell, who didn’t ask to be singled out this way at all.

Last week I ran across @jonathanparnell from an article he wrote on Desiring God’s site.

Here are 3 takeaways for me from his Twitter feed we can all apply to our church strategy.

  1. His content is worth sharing. People will often say “don’t just self promote on social media” and that’s true, to an extent. But as I ran through the content that Jonathan has shared, it’s mostly links to his own writing. His own really good writing. It’s OK to promote good stuff, even if that good stuff is your own stuff. The reverse is also true: it’s not OK to promote bad stuff, even if that bad stuff is your own stuff.
  2. He’s not trying to win a volume competition. There are guys I love and follow who tweet 5, 6, even 10 times per day. They are great folks to follow on social media. But it’s likely your church won’t need to tweet that much. In fact, please don’t. Jonathan tweets (publicly, not counting @replies) two or three times per day only occasionally, from what I can tell he’s mostly once per day and is doing just fine. It all relates back to point 1. Share as much high quality stuff as you can, then stop talking.
  3. He’s a real guy. People follow people on Twitter. It’d be far more valuable for you to set up a personal Twitter account that also promotes the content from your church site than to do a twitter account that is generically your church. (though I would recommend grabbing an official account and linking to your personal account in the profile.)

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