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So, you are a church planter, a church volunteer, or the dude they hired part-time to run the children’s ministry, the sound booth, the youth group, “do the website” and lead the music. Been there. Well, the last one. If you are like most of us, crafting a coherent digital strategy for communication (both internal… Read More

Imagine someone calling you up and asking to have a digital sign for your church installed in their family room. You could control what that sign said at all times. Any time they are in their family room you could nudge them with whatever message you choose. Now, replace “family room” with “computer.” That’s web… Read More

As Christians in the digital age, there is perhaps nothing more valuable than protecting ourselves and our kids from the onslaught of pornographic content online. First, a brief tutorial on how the internet works. If you are not interested and want to skip straight through to the how-to of setting up a filter, skip to… Read More

I’m always looking for folks who do a good job of utilizing digital tools to do kingdom work. Last week I ran across @jonathanparnell from an article he wrote on Desiring God’s site. Here are 3 takeaways for me from his Twitter feed we can all apply to our church strategy. His content is worth… Read More

Total rip off of both a John Piper book and an insurance company jingle, I know. This post on Farming vs. Hunting at Copyblogger really resonated with me, today. If you are tired of church web marketers who use shady sales tactics or lead generation techniques, this one might be for you, too. The funny… Read More

This simple tutorial walks you through the basics of getting Google Analytics installed on your church website. The process for installing Google Analytics on your site will vary slightly based on which theme you use. I exclusively recommend two premium Theme frameworks when dealing with WordPress on your church website, Thesis and Genesis. If you… Read More

Think of your new WordPress Church web site as a (relatively disorganized) drawer in your garage. In serving up a website, a browser and server work together to organize the contents of that drawer according to what a user wants to see. Each page has potentially dozens of resources associated with it, from tracking scripts… Read More

Once I’ve convinced people that self-hosted WordPress (sometimes simply called WordPress.org) is the way to go, they often feel intimidated by the process. In 2004, setting up a WordPress site was tricky and required a basic knowledge of web servers and some coding ability. Today, setting up a WordPress site is as easy as point… Read More