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About Me

I’ve only been told to take the potty humor out of one church email.


Can you pay me for something? Sure!
(sort of)

Free Stuff
Am I giving away anything for free? Yep. Click here for more info.
About Me

Once while on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, my director said “can you make us a website?” to which I likely mumbled “I can try…”

That moment didn’t feel like the beginning of a new career, but it started the ball rolling. Fast forward 10 years and hundreds of websites later, I am a freelance web developer/digital strategist and part-time music director (and lead geek) at my local church.

My name is Ben Meredith, and I can help with your church web strategy.

I took the reigns as the “guy who didn’t say no when asked to manage the church website and emails” back in 2011, and I have learned much on the job. I taught myself enough CSS and HTML to be dangerous, and then for fun I learned all the server-side stuff like Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP to the point where I have a rudimentary understanding (and an uncanny ability to Google the rest).

I’m an ENTJ on the Myers-Briggs who my wife lovingly refers to as an “over-explainer,” which lends itself well to teaching people about the web.

When I’m not riding my Trek bicycle to and from work, you can find me on a disc golf course or with my wife and two boys.

As far as my theological leanings go, I’m a member of the Presbyterian Church in America, but for the purposes of this website, I align myself with and lean on the wisdom of The Gospel Coalition.


It says it right at the top that this website is designed with the DIY web person in mind. My goal is to give you the resources you need to do it yourself. The vast majority of my energy on this site is devoted to resourcing you, and sharing my “from the trenches” help and guidance. And it’s all provided for free. (all I need is an email address from you, and I reserve the right to charge for membership down the line.)

But if you get to the point that you recognize your need to stop learning to fish and just order fried fish, I’m also a pretty good cook. (end metaphor)

I love helping clients with custom WordPress websites for their churches. My sites start out around $1500 for the most basic implementations.

Included in every site I make is a 2-hour consultation teaching you some SEO best practices, and basic functionality of the site.

I am not available for ongoing blogging and social media content help (that comes best from you anyway) but I love consulting and helping you do better. A custom social strategy session starts around $500.

Because this is a service I provide for the advancement of the Kingdom, I of course reserve the right to not work with people and organizations with whom I have significant theological differences. For the purposes of this, I defer to the wisdom of the confessional statement of the Gospel Coalition.

Free Stuff?
My goal and heart is to help Christians do a better job online. To that end, I want for the concepts you learn here to actually be applied to advance the kingdom. You’ll value it more by paying for it. If I thought I could give it away and have folks apply everything, I would.

I’ve put years of knowledge and months of effort into this content, and the Boot Camp alone could easily sell for $50–$60. It’s available right now for $35.

There will always also be free tips and advice posted on the blog, as well.